Thoughts on DVD Datebases – and Reasons I’ve Chosen IMDb 

I wanted to use an online datbase to keep a record of DVDs I own. Using Google there were suggestions for either using a local database (e.g. Excel) or a dedicated DVD collection software. However my interests were in using an online service, so I could benefit from community aspects. After trying Movie Collector Plus, Chasing The Frog and DVDAF I wondered if I could use IMDb and was please to discover that I could. Hmm, what are the implications of my reasonings? I want a well-known and popular service (more likely to be sustainable and I’m likely to hear if there are problems with the service). I also want a service which requires as little data input from me as possible.

So far I’ve catalogued 50 DVDs (a couple of them are duplicate items – and I can’t see how to delete them!).

But – I can’t see how to export the data!  Is this a major problem, I wonder? From a personal perspective the ease-of-use and functionality is crucial, but from a professional perspective, the ability to export data is often regarded as crucial.   But if this requirement would compromise on the ease-of-use and functionality, what would I choose to do?  And if export capabilities cost extra, how much would I be willing to pay?  And finally, how easy wold it be to import such data into a new system?