Do We Remember Talks at Conferences?

Whilst tidying my office I came across a folder for the FOTE10 conference which took place at ULCC on 1 October 2010.   But how much of the conference do I remember? If I was asked to list the talks without having looked at the programme I would probably struggle.  But I did look and spotted James Clay’s talk on the future of reading.  But who else?  And if I can’t remember the talks four months later can we say that the purpose of such events are sustainable?  I should add that I remember that I thought the event was useful and I even think I wrote a post about it.  But do we need something tangible from an event in order to help trigger such memories?  I’m asking this as I’m planning to throw away such conference handouts and I wonder if I’ll also be throwing away the aims to remembering the talks and what I learnt.  Or maybe I’m just getting old?