Plans for the Post-A-Day Experiment

I decided to attempt to write a blog post every day in 2011 as an experiment to see if I could get into a regular habit of posting.  I also felt this would be useful in (a) helping me think of ideas to write about and (b) ensuring that I kept a record of such ideas.

I subsequently felt it would be useful to explore how content such as blog posts can be, whilst open to the world,  invisible if not actively promoted.  So the blog is blocked to search engines and I have not mentioned it to anybody. I did discover, however, that if I link to a blog post this will create a trackback which will make this blog visible, so I have tried to avoid linking to blog posts (and I delete trackbacks if I link to my UK Web Focus blog).

My intention is to allow search engine to index the blog after the first six months of this experiment to see if this has any effect on the traffic to the blog.