Should You Pay To Contribute to an Open Access Publication? 

I have been invited to contribute a section to a new InTech book. The invitation is, I’ve been informed, based on my  paper on “One world, one Web… but great diversity”, my publishing history and the quality of my research. The publication will be made available as under an open acess licence:

InTech books are published under the Open Access publishing model, which means that they are free to read by anyone, anywhere in the world.

There is also a payment for accepted contributions which amounts to 590 Euros per chapter – but this is a fee which the author pays to cover the costs of the reviewing process rather than a fee which the author receives.  This business model may be surprising to some, and could be regarded as ‘vanity publishing’ by others.  But there are legitimate reasons for this approach.  But will it take off, I wonder?