Wordpress RDFa Plugin 

The WordPress software appears to be able to provide a rich platform for evaluating the potential of various new developments. On UKOLN’s WordPress platform we have recently installed a number of plugins which we will use to evaluate various aspects of Linked Data and related developments.

Initially I looked at the wp-RDFa plugin which:

wp-RDFa brings the Semantic Web to your WordPress blog. Currently this plugin supports FOAF and the Dublin Core.

FOAF is Friend of a Friend, and can be used to relate your personal information to your blog. It can also be used to relate other users of your blog to you building up a semantic map of your relationships in the online world.

wp-RDFa uses the Dublin Core markup to tag posts with the title, creator and date elements.

However the initial experiment resulted in the title of each post being replicated, with a spurious “<:” being displayed on one blog but not on another. Perhaps the bug is related to the theme used? However disabling the “Enable inline dublin core elements” option removed this problem.

Of more concern, however, seems to be the personal information which the FOAF file contains.  It includes the names of colleagues at UKOLN, perhaps those who have accounts on our blog server, but also other names of people who I do not think are associated with the blog (i.e. I don’t think have provided a comment). Hmm, what are the privacy implications of using a plugin such as this?