Numbers of Full-Text Items in the University of Bath Repository 

It seems there are 1,213 full text items in the University of Bath Opus repository out of a total of 19,601 items.  To put it another way there are  18,388 metadata-only items. Only just over 6% of the entries contain the full-text.

The figures for UKOLN are 235 items in total, with 99 items containing full text and 136 metadata-only items. (I am aware that these figures don’t seem to add up).  For UKOLN 42% of the entries contain the full text.

Looking at my items I seem to have deposited 45 full text items out of a total of 48 items. The missing three items are two book chapters and one paper for which I was not the lead author and do not have access to the paper.

I wonder what the figures for other institutional repositories will be?