Is Twitter Replacing the Void Left By Intute? 

I recently came across a tweet which cited a post I’d written:

.. described the limitations of basing an institutional #WebA11y policy purely on conformance with WAI WCAG..

The tweet came from @CRPDisabilities, an account which is provided by Bill Shackleton who is based in Ottawa, Canada.  Looking at the account I discovered that over 4,900 tweets have been posted, with recent tweets all containing links to accessibility-related resources.

ANother example of a Twitter account which provides subject-specific tweets is @TwistedBacteria (the id of Cesar Sanchez, a Scientific editor, blogger, microbiologist) who has just tweeted:

My Microbiology Twitter list keeps growing! >100 users working on, or just interested in, the microbial world

It has occurred to me that since these account are providing links to resources in particular subject areas this has certain similarities with the role of the JISC-funded Intute service, funding for which was recently cut.  Are we seeing a different approach to the identification and sharing of resources in particular areas, with the @CRPDisabilities and @TwistedBacteria being just two of many Twitter accounts which are now providing this service?