I am not alone I do not… 

“I am not alone. I do not live in a vacuum.”

Yesterday via a tweet posted, I think from a participant at the UKSG 2011 conference I came across a link to a video of a talk given by Cameron Neylon on  “The Gatekeeper is dead. Long live the Gatekeeper“. The slides of this talk are available on Slideshare and I’ve read a report on the talk – but what I found interesting was Cameron’s licence for the talk and the presentation of the talk (which aren’t included in the slides on Slideshare).  Cameron’s waived rights on the presentation and pointed out that his ideas were the result of interactions with many other people.

I saw this presentation the day after attending a Bathcamp meeting on Startup Companies.  One of the stores I heard concerned the Frintr.com startup – an online service which allows you to create an image based on a mosaic portraits taken from portaits of one’s contacts on Twitter, Facebook or MySpace.

I used the service to create a portrait based on images of my Twitter followers. I think this echoes  the point which Cameron made.

But as I asked the developer of Frintr.com, what are the legal complexities of doing this?