TinyChat or Chatzy? 

Yesterday I intended to try out TinyChat for providing a backchannel for a UKOLN seminar.  However an iPad user informed me that it couldn’t be used as it relied on Flash. We tried Chatzy which on the home page states:

Chatzy does not require Flash or any installation on your computer

It strikes me that there is a need to consider iPad (and iPphone and iPod Touch) users when setting upo such back channels.  So maybe Flash is becoming a barrier to use of services which fely on it.  The line that “Flash content reaches 99% of Internet viewers” is now no longer true.  We now seem to need to support native open Web standards – but this hasn’t been decided by policy makers. Rather it is a response to a market decision which has been made by Apple.If Apple had supported Flash on their mobile devices I don’t think we’d be seeing the backlash.