Web Publishing For the Post-PC Generation 

The Zapd iPhone app has been described aspublishing for the post-PC user“. But what are the implications of publishing Web resources from a mobile device?  The University of Bath has a Web publishing policy but this appears to cover only the centrally provided areas of the University Web site.  But what about central government edicts which organisations may feel are applicable? There’s a need for an AUPP – and Acceptable Use Policy Process to change policies which may no longer be applicable in a post-PC publishing environment. Note I thought I coined this term in a paper on “IT Services – Help Or Hindrance To National IT Development Programmes?” – but it seems that I only pointed out that “AUPs Are Not Cast In Stone“:

Although institutions will have a need to developed acceptable use policies there is a need to recognise that these policies will have to evolve as technologies develop and usage patterns for the technologies change. This is particularly relevant within the educational sector as many academics will seek to exploit the educational benefits of new technologies rather than just relying on established tools.