Learning About ORCID 

Have does one get involved in a new area of work – such as the ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) activity?  I have ensured that a TwapperKeeper archive for ORCHID exists (it does, and was created on 12 November 2010).  I’ll now be able to identify key people and topics from those who engage on Twitter. I guess I may wish to use a tool in order to differentiate between ID  researchers and those interested in other types of orcids 🙂

I have also bookmarked the Orcid home page using Delicious.  It seems that 92 people have also bookmarked this page,. This enables me to see who they are, the tags they have used to bookmark the resource and  other related resources they have also bookmarked.

There is a Wikipedia entry for ORCID which was created in December 2009.  Looking at the history of this page I can see the Wikipedia userids of those who have contributed to the article – some of whom will be content providers whilst others will probably have edited the page structure.