MT and RT

One of my tweets was recently retweeted – only it was prefixed with MT.  I subsequently discovered that this stands for Modified Tweet. I cam across a post about the MT code.    discussion on Twitter pointed out that as well as clarifying that a tweet may have been modified there may also be a need to establish that retweeted posts aren’t meant to imply an endorsement of he contents of a tweet.

The MT convention seems to be a gaining grassroots support.  But might there be scope for making use of Twitter metadata to define a set of characteristics (emotions, perhaps) for not only retweets but also tweets themselves) Twitter announced that they would be supporting annotations over a year ago and a page on the  Twitter developer’s Web site provides further information. But what metadata schema would be appropriate? We could think about metadata related to tweets and retweets:

RT: Retweet

MT: Modified retweet

CT: Corrected tweet

ET: Endorsed tweet (agree with content)

DT: Disagree (wth content of) tweet

But what we are describing here seem to be increasingly describing emotions associated with the content of the tweets. Might there be a role for the W3C Emotion Markup Language, I wonder?