Commercial Exploitation of Content

This morning I came across a tweet which link to a post complaining that an iPhone app had to be closed as Apple’s terms and conditions seem to mean that Apple will take the lion’s share of any profits made. This monopolist approach is hindering the development of a rich ecosphere of innovative developments, it is argued.

On the same day I came across a tweet pointing out that Twitpic’s terms and conditions have been modified, allowing Twitpic to commercially exploit photos uploaded to the service. Is this something to complain about? I think not. Surely we want services to be sustainable and we want to encourage growth in the IT sector in order to help stimulate the economy.  I feel that repositories are making a mistake if they fail to allow their metadata to be exploited commercially (as this can hinder innovation by others) . I also feel that services should be able to exploit content uploaded to their services as Twitpic has done – the important thing is to be open about such policies.