Time to Embed Use of Google Translate?

Today I noticed that a presentation of mine hosted on Slideshare had been favourited. I looked at the profile of the person and then followed the link to their blog. The log is in Spanish so I used Google Translate to provide an automated translation. One of the posts was about metrics related to Twitter, which is relevant to the Digital Impacts workshop I am currently attending at the Oxford Internet Institute. The translation read:

To search for the persons or institutions use two strategies:

    • Identify the people or institutions followed by my fellow students, teachers and other influential people involved of course, as Julian Marquina and others who had been selecting in the course of these weeks. Likewise in the row by them.
    • Perform a search for hashtag related to: social media, social networking, web 2.0, social web and other digital library.

The criteria used it personally for their selection were:

    • The amount of twetts published.
    • Number of followers they have.
    • Publication frequency of messages.
    • Messages or themes addressed are of interest to me as: web, social networks, etc.

Another post described  My experience in the Social Network: Exploring Mendeley. In this case the explanation about the Mendeley service will be described on many other English-language resources.  But as it does provide a reasonable understandable description of the service it does make me wonder whether such automated translations might be a useful resource, especially, perhaps, to provide an insight in developments happening outside the English-language world.