Measure Metrics for a Twitter Campaign – the #LoveHE Campaign

This week sees UK Universities taking part in Universities Week: “a national campaign demonstrating the benefits of universities within UK society“.

Today there is a ’24 hour Twitter marathon’ in which Universities from across the UK are taking part. The aim is to tweet about the research, work or volunteering you are doing and how it impacts on people outside the University. Contributors to the campaign have been encouraged to tag tweets on the day with the hashtags #UniWeek and #UniofBath.

But how does one measure the effectiveness of such campaigns?  In order to ensure that data was available I created TwapperKeeper archives for the #UniWeek and #UniofBath hashtag so that statistics for use of the #UniWeek and #UniofBath tags can be obtained using the Summarizr service.

This isn’t the first such Twitter campaign to take place in the UK HE service – sometime ago the Time High Education launched its #LoveHE campaign. I created the #LoveHE TwapperKeeper archive in July 2010 (after the launch of the campaign). According to the Summarizr statistics since that date there have been at least 10,000 tweets sent conating this tag (this is only a partial summary). The following additional statistics (recorded at noon on 17 June 2011) are available:

Total twitterers: 4116
Total hashtags tweeted: 1479
Total URLs tweeted: 1967

The top 10 Twitterers have posted over 100 tweets each:

 khephir (331)

 NHJ_HE (300)

 symphily (267)

 timeshighered (186)

 MarioCreatura (180)

 glhunt31 (152)

 Chr1sR0berts (143)

 professor_dave (127)

 CliveBuckley (116)

 theNHJ (109)

and the following URLs have been tweeted the most:

I wonder how the #UniWeek campaign will compare?