Thoughts on a Twitter Framework for Events

Whilst attending the DevCSI A11y Hack event I had an opportunity to try out various Twitter curation and aggregation tools in order to better understand how Twitter was being used by participants at the event (which had a #a11yhack tag) and by others with an interest in the content of the event. It struck me that as well as the event organisers having an interest in ways of monitoring impact and outreach using such approaches (as well as being able to provide timely interventions in case it is noticed that things are going wrong), the participants themselves may also have similar interests in helping to reflect on the events, the discussions, the resources shared, the community interaction and growth, etc.

A Twitter framework for events would probably need the following components:

  • Information on the role of Twitter in supporting events
  • Details on the possible beneficiaries
  • Coining an event hastags (name, announcements, etc,)
  • Archiving processes
  • Realtime analyses
  • Subsequent analyses.