Estimated Usage Statistics for the Fifth Anniversary of Blog

The 1 November 2011 (four month’s time) marks the fifth anniversary of  the UK Web Focus blog.  To date there have been 354,546 views of the 939 posts.So far this year there have been an average of 259 views per day.  If this daily average were continued on 1 November there would be an additional 31,857 views which would see a total over 5 years of 386,403 views.  However at these daily rates the total would be 402,461 at the end of the year.  If the same number of posts are published as were published from June -November last year there will have been 1,010 posts published although using the publication frequency this year this would total 99 posts!  Hmm, will it be possible to have 400,000 views for the 1,000th post to be published on 31 October 2011, I wonder?!