Facebook Metrics Beyond Numbers of Subscribers 

A post entitled Facebook gets even more face-to-face thanks to Skype partnership published on the Guardian blog describes how:

Facebook users will be able to make free video calls to their friends through the site after the social networking giant announced a partnership with the web telephony service Skype.

The article goes on to describe how Mark Zuckerberg is responding to suggestions that Facebook’s growth in its numbers of subscribers is slowing:

“We don’t measure the value the internet provides by how many people use the internet but the benefit people are getting, the apps they use and how it is driving the economy”

The article points out that for Facebook:

An average 4bn items, from videos to news stories and recommendations, are shared on Facebook every day. The amount of content being shared has doubled since this time last year and, predicted Zuckerberg, will, double again by this time next year.

Might this be a metric which can be used in the context of repositories?