Most Popular Post Since Launch Of Blog 

Yesterday saw the publication of the post which generated the most traffic since the UK Web Focus blog was launched. The popularity of the post was due to the announcement of the post going vital on Twitter, as can be seen from the statistics for the link which shows there were 800 clicks on the link during the day.

Note that further information on the retweeting is available from the Topsy and Twitoaster services. The Twitoaster service reported that:

This tweet received 30 twitter mentions (4 replies and 26 retweets) from 28 distinct twitter users. In addition to briankelly followers, it has been read by 10,174 second-level followers (retweeters followers).

During the day I received a message from the Twitter Top Tweets account which “algorithmically selects and retweets some of the most interesting tweets spreading across Twitter“.

As can be seen, the tweet was soon surpassed by other tweets, including one from Top Gear.

The “I want to copy someone’s Tweet” Meme

Later yesterday evening I spotted a tweet from Steve Wheeler which I also sent:

One day I want to copy someone’s Tweet word for word and see if they notice“.

A described by the Huffington Post this tweet went viral.

Hmm, so so does one succeed a create a Twitter meme, I wonder? And what are the factors which can cause a Tweet to be widely retweeted?